Discreet Web Hosting - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really be anonymous with your service?

Yes, you have the option to never reveal your true identity if you wish. Payments can be handled semi-anonymously via methods such as BitCoin, Ethereum, Canada eCoin, OkCash, eTransfer or even cash. Of course, many people aren't trying to hide themselves from me, just certain other people. That is fine as well, I will not reveal information about you to any outside party. Face-to-face meetings regarding technical assistance or payments are possible if you live in the Kitchener / Waterloo area of Ontario, Canada.

Can I move my existing website to your hosting?

Yes, but it will depend on if it is compatible. My servers support HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP / MySQL.

Can I have an email account under my domain?

Yes, but I recommend just forwarding from your domain email to somewhere like a gmail or yahoo email account.

Can I send email via my website?

Yes, but only in limited quantity. I DO NOT allow bulk email sending.

Do you also design websites?

No, not apart from setting up pre-made templates. If you require webside design, I can give recommendations. I am not a designer or graphic artist.

Do you have restriction on what I can put on my website?

Yes, I DO NOT allow any sort of illegal activity, spam or bulk emailing, or video streaming. I frequently review content put up on my server to ensure that it will not get me into legal trouble. I reserve the right to cancel any account at any time that I feel is a risk to me.

Who uses this hosting service?

Individuals that have web content that may be embarassing or controversial, but yet completely legal. For example, say John wants to run a political blog but his views are entirely different from his family. Or say Jane is an independent escort and wants a web page up that showcases her services but doesn't want her friends to find out. There can be many reason you might want to remain anonymous and as long as it's not illegal, I won't judge!

Why don't I get as much space and bandwidth as I would with other hosting providers?

Here you are paying for anonymity. If you are looking for tons of space and bandwidth for cheap, there are many other hosting providers out there to choose from.

Who runs the Discreet Web Hosting site?

I do not wish to announce my name here but be assured that you will find out as soon as you make contact with me via email. What I can tell you upfront is that I am an older IT professional living somewhere in Southern Ontario, Canada. I have been involved in the Internet business since 1995. This site is an attempt to provide a niche service and hopefully make some money on the side. It is a very small operation and I will only take on as many clients as I feel me or my web servers can handle.

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